Energy Of Direction Of A This Of Solar Materials

Release time: 2022-09-07

Our company, Z-young, pursue the extreme reality of natural aesthetics. By planing and cutting the natural wood, we extract natural textures as design materials with industry-advanced 3D scanning technology. It will help the surface texture of the product very close to real wood, real stone and knitted products. At the same time, we will incorporate fashion elements and make original fashion patterns elaborately. In order to make the products more natural and creative, we use digital plating and multi-colour printing. Our company is good at using modern science and technology to provide more choice and help our customer to enjoy the nature.


Green is the gift from nature, which is also the treasure that we cherish. It will be the trend of the Times that using healthy low carbon and green environmental protection floor. We always focus on the theme of low carbon and environmental protection when developing products. Green manufacturing is also adopted in the production process. Further more, We will deepen the low-carbon development into the whole industrial chain system, build a green industrial chain ecology, and continue to develop in the direction of low-carbon energy conservation and environmental protection.