Application of heat transfer oil circulation temperature controller in SPC stairnose production

Release time: 2023-01-05

SPC stairnose is a new type of environmentally friendly floor made of multi-layer PVC sheet. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin and ultra-light, wear-resistant and high-elasticity, waterproof and moisture-proof, convenient paving, and long service life. It has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, mildew and moisture-proof and Excellent fire resistance, stain resistance, slip resistance, 100% waterproof, and very easy to install. It is widely used in interior floor decoration to meet the increasing demand for new wear-resistant flooring in the global market.

quality SPC Stair Nose

SPC stairnose generally includes a multi-layer structure such as a base material layer, a decorative layer, and a wear-resistant layer. The base material layer uses natural stone powder (calcium carbonate powder) and polymer resin (polyvinyl chloride) as the main raw materials to be extruded through a thermal fusion process. .

SPC stairnose is a product that extrudes PVC base material by extruder combined with T-shaped die, and uses three-roll or four-roll calender to separate PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and PVC base material, and heat, laminate and emboss the product at one time. , The process is simple, the fit is completed by heat, no glue is required.

SPC stairnose production process procedures:

1. Feeding: PVC resin powder, calcium powder, plasticizer, stabilizer and other raw materials are fed in proportion through the metering system at the feeding port, and the feeding is manual or vacuum feeding.

2. Mixing: automatic metering according to the ratio of raw materials, the raw materials through the metering system enter the high and low speed mixer → high speed mixer for hot mixing (hot mixing heating temperature: 125 °C, the function is to mix all kinds of materials evenly and remove the moisture in the materials ) → enter cold mixing (cool down the material to prevent agglomeration and discoloration, cold mixing temperature: 55°C.) → mix uniform materials by cooling.

3. Extrusion molding: Send the mixed raw materials into the extruder, and use its high temperature and high pressure state to extrude through the substrate mold. The extrusion process takes about 2 minutes, the temperature is about 180-220 ° C, and heat transfer oil is used. The appliance heats up.

4. Film-covering and calendering: Extruded bottom sheet PVC film is pressed into an integrated form with four-roll or five-roll calenders, wear-resistant layer and PVC color film. It adopts one-time heating, lamination and embossing. The process is simple and easy to paste. It is completed by heat, using a heat transfer oil circulation temperature controller, using heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium to maintain a hot pressing temperature of 140°C.

5. Cutting and trimming: cutting by the cutting machine on the assembly line.

6. UV roller coating: Roller coat UV water-based paint on the surface of stone-plastic floor, heat and cure to obtain SPC stone-plastic floor semi-finished product, UV roller coating temperature: 80-120°C; cooling temperature: 10°C

4. Slitting and slotting + packaging: slitting → slotting, trimming, chamfering → inspection → packaging.

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