What is WPC Stairnose board

Release time: 2022-12-29

WPC Stairnose, as the name suggests, is a composite material of wood and plastic. Initially, the product was used for indoor and outdoor profiles, mainly for decoration. Later, it was applied to indoor flooring. However, 99% of the substrates (core) routinely used in the market for indoor (wpc flooring) are PVC + stone powder (calcium carbonate) products (ie PVC foam products), so it cannot be called WPC products. The physical properties of real WPC Stairnose products are far superior to ordinary PVC foam products, but the processing technology is difficult, so the market is generally PVC foam products.

WPC Stairnose products

The view that the physical properties of PVC foam products are significantly improved after adding wood powder has been demonstrated by relevant researchers at home and abroad anyway. WPC Stairnose refers to the composition of PVC wear-resistant layer, printing layer, semi-rigid PVC middle layer, WPC core layer and backing layer.

Theoretical advantages of WPC Stairnose: waterproof, no mold, no cracking, no deformation, maintenance-free, 100% recyclable, no formaldehyde and VOC, this is an environmentally friendly floor with excellent performance. But when this kind of floor just started 5 years ago, there was a problem of deformation. Studies have shown that the core layer of the floor, that is, the WPC core layer, is an important determinant of the stability of this type of floor. Some laminate flooring manufacturers that have successfully transformed have begun to produce their own core layer and then process it.


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