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SPC/WPC quarter round





SPC Quarter Round Molding is used to conceal small irregularities in your floor.

Quarter round is installed by pressing it down against the floor and nailing or gluing it tightly to the wall or baseboard so it covers up these gaps. Quarter round always creates a smooth edge and a nice visual touch. It also makes your floor easier to clean.


Product Advantage

The greatest advantages of our SPC Quarter Round are as follows:

1. Being environmentally friendly, and having no unpleasant odor, suitable for all groups of people such as adults, children, old people, and infants;

2. Being waterproof, damp-proof, and antiskid; having no formaldehyde and no heavy metal;

3. Being tested and certified by international authoritative certification organizations that both the technology and quality are reliable;

4. Being easy to install so you can do it yourself; being convenient to maintain;

5. Allowing the installation of heating under our floors, which are applicable to residences and commercial places;

6. Having a variety of patterns. There are more 10,000 patterns to choose from;

7. Being environmentally friendly, low-carbon and recyclable;

8. Being complete in specifications, enabling customers to choose suitable products according to their needs.

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