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SPC/WPC bending-floor flush stair nose

Size: As customers’ requirement

Packing: As customers’ requirement



This kind of bending stair tread has lots of advantages, like UV and EIR available, no color and height difference from floor.

We have very mature technology to produce bending flush stair tread and also have the patent on it. Only a few factories can achieve such technology, but we have full and efficient producing line. It can meet almost all the customers’ requirement.


The advantage of bending stair tread:

1.We will use the SPC/WPC floor to produce the tread, so there will no problem on color different between floor and tread.

2.For regular SPC/WPC molding, we cannot add UV coating. But for this kind of customized bending stair tread, it is produced by floor. UV coating and EIR are both available.

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